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Welcome, Class of 2016! We’re planning a lot of fun tech-related things for you in the coming months. If you’re registered for FAST (Freshman Advisement Summer Transition) in July, we look forward to seeing you in the union for our FAST Expo and Sale. Stop by and check out the latest and greatest in technology, and head home with the computer and tech you will need to start your first semester off right.

We will also be involved with move-in and orientation. In October, we will host the TechLife 2012 Technology Expo. Stay tuned for details on these highly-attended events!

Check out our interactive Fall 2012 catalog! Feel free to email us at or call 412-396-5645 with any questions you may have.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we’ll see you soon!

Do you play Draw Something? Want to show up your friends with your draw-foo?

Check out this touchscreen-friendly stylus from Kensington. We had previously blogged about it in regards to iPad note-taking, but I thought that the stylus deserved a shout-out for something more fun. Once you pick one up and get through a drawing, you’ll never want to draw with just your finger, again!

Come check them out at the Computer Store. Starting at $12!

How do you Spring Break?

So you get an entire week away from campus…9 days if you add on both weekends (10 if you are “sick” the friday before break).  You are going to leave your comfortable abode on the bluff, or in Southside, or wherever you decide to crash during the semester.  You pack your swimsuit for the beach, snowsuit for the mountains, or your best suit for NYC (Barney Stinson style).

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You walk into the Duquesne Computer Store. An associate helps you find the hard drive section. The associate hands you the only drive we currently have in stock – a 1 terabyte drive. You think to yourself, “Well, it might be nice to have a drive of that size, I’ll go for it.” You look at the sticker. You wake up on the floor, having passed out from sticker-shock.

End scene.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. How was it that only a few short months ago, anyone could walk into a tech store and buy a hard drive for nearly $0.10 a gigabyte? And how did we go from feeling like Scrooge McDuck swimming in a pool of hard drives to standing in a breadline for measly crumbs of storage?

Blame it on the hard drive’s mortal enemy – water.

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Love is in the air at the DU Computer Store! Like us on Facebook, Check in on Foursquare, and find fliers around campus to unlock unique coupons and specials for the tech you love! Specials begin February 1st and continue until February 14th. Continue after the break for details!

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The lecture format has long been the standard of college education. Historically, lectures were a way of disseminating information for students to dictate into mass-produced books. In the present day lecture notes are mostly for personal use,  with students using their own style to capture this information. One can walk into any given lecture hall and see a students in a mixture of writing, drawing, typing on a keyboard or tapping touch screens.

With the introduction of touch screen tablets, developers began looking at ways to combine our primitive desire to write and draw with the (often faster) task of typing. In this post, I will review the benefits and disadvantages of writing applications, review two applications I found useful for the iPad, as well as reviewing a writing stylus made for touchscreen devices.

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